I’m excited for May

Here’s why.

This week’s blog post is really more of an announcement, because I want you all to get in on a new project I’m doing before it’s even live!

I’m launching a podcast over at youngchurchleaders.org. It’s going to be fun and will include some free giveaways in the first few weeks.

At youngchurchleaders.org we believe that as a leader your competency will only take you so far. How far that is, is dependent on the character and quality of your heart. So if you want to go far in leadership, don’t focus on competency and neglect your heart, focus on your heart and the competency will come.

I actually believe that this is true for many areas in life, not simply leadership. Your family life, personal life, and friendships are all dependent on the quality of your heart. Who you are as a person is much more important than what you’re able to do. At least, that’s what I’ve found.

See, we believe that you’ve been created by a loving God to love and be loved. We also believe that that same God wants to have a relationship with you—for you to know that you are loved.

How many of you have introduced yourself by first stating your name and occupation? I know I have, it happens about every time I step onto a plane and take my seat. Sure enough the conversation comes around to “…and what do you do?” For some reason society has begun to value you for what you’re able to contribute and not who you’ve been created to be. We hope to change that.

So, why should you listen to another podcast?

(I know I already listen to a lot!) Well, this one is different. Most Church leadership podcasts focus on competencies; learning to do the right thing. Our podcast focuses on your heart, your character, and helps you learn to lead by first focusing on becoming the right person—the person God has created you to be. We talk to some of today’s top leaders about how they have learned and are learning to become more like Jesus.

We’ll discuss how to become better at managing your time, energy and passion so that you have your best energy for the people who are the most important to you. We’ll talk about things that you can learn to do now, that will help you prevent burnout later in life and ministry.

Some of our first guests include Carey Nieuwhof, Rich Birch and Luke Powery.

But we don’t just want to learn from other leaders, mentors, pastors, and speakers, we also want to hear from YOU!

So every other podcast will include conversations with young church leaders learning to lead congregations, ministries and organizations all the while learning to keep growing themselves and pursuing a heart like Jesus’.

If that sounds exciting to you, welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

Here are 3 things you can do:

  1. Head on over to youngchurchleaders.org and check out some of our free content and make sure to bookmark the site. You can also LIKE and SHARE this post!
  2. Watch out next week as we launch two preview episodes of the podcast.
  3. Mark May 4th on your calendar, because that is the official launch of the very first episode of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers.