“I am thirsty”


I don’t think I’ve ever been thirsty before, not like this. Jesus’ request shows us his human side. Jesus the man, was thirsty. Jesus, the man, felt pain. Jesus the man, suffered in agony as he died on the cross. While Jesus, the Son of God could have “Saved himself,” his love for humanity, his mission on earth, his obedience to the Father, held him on the tree.

It’s easy to romanticize the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. Even that word has lost its meaning today. Crucifixion was the Roman’s way of controlling the empire. It was the ultimate form of capital punishment; painful, shameful, and public. It was not merciful and quick.

I Thirst. I am thirsty. I have a need. I am human.

To give a cup of water is to show the ultimate sign that your life matters. Your life is worth saving. You have value.

Jesus was given vinegar and bile. In the Romans’ eyes he meant nothing. He died a criminal’s death.

To us, He is everything. His death brings new life, but it’s important to remember that new life is only ever possible because of Jesus’ death.

Think about this today: Jesus willingly suffered and died by capital punishment because of his love for you. You are considered valuable enough to die for. You, child of God, are loved. And that has the power to change everything.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Have you ever been in tremendous physical need?
  2. Do you accept that you are worth dying for? Do you accept that others are worth dying for?
  3. Seeing others as Jesus sees them, and us, can change our perspective. How might this change your life today? Who do you need to see differently?