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Author: Grant Vissers

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I’m excited for May Here’s why. This week’s blog post is really more of an announcement, because I want you all to get in on a new project I’m doing before it’s even live! I’m launching a podcast over at It’s going to be fun and will include some free giveaways in the first few weeks. At we believe that as a leader your competency will only take you so far. How far that is, is dependent on the character and quality of your heart. So if you want to go far in leadership, don’t focus on competency and...

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Easter Devotion – Sunday

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Reunion Surrender is probably one of the hardest things to do in life. It is the ultimate form of giving up control. To surrender means that you are committing your life into the hands of another. In his final words Jesus commits his spirit into the hands of a Father who knows how to love him best. Jesus trusted God the Father. Completely. That’s God’s hope for you as well, that you would commit your life into the hands of a Father who loves you best.  If Easter has one message,...

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Easter Devotion – Saturday

“It is finished” – John 19:30 Triumph “It is finished.” Cue huge sigh of relief. I’m sure that in part, Jesus is relieved that his suffering is almost over. Soon he will be free from pain, from suffering, and from torture. There is much more to Jesus’ penultimate declaration. When I would finish my exams I can remember declaring, “It is finished!” When I submitted my thesis and completed my MDiv. degree I shouted it even louder, “IT IS FINISHED.” Jesus is making a bold statement from the cross. The Greek word here is Τετέλεσται and it means complete,...

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Easter Devotion – Friday

“I am thirsty” Distress I don’t think I’ve ever been thirsty before, not like this. Jesus’ request shows us his human side. Jesus the man, was thirsty. Jesus, the man, felt pain. Jesus the man, suffered in agony as he died on the cross. While Jesus, the Son of God could have “Saved himself,” his love for humanity, his mission on earth, his obedience to the Father, held him on the tree. It’s easy to romanticize the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. Even that word has lost its meaning today. Crucifixion was the Roman’s way of controlling the empire. It...

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Easter Devotion – Thursday

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Abandonment Recently, I’ve been watching a show on History channel called Alone. Contestants are dropped off into a remote wilderness and compete to see who can survive the longest. Alone. They film their own journey, they find their own food, and build their own shelters, all completely alone. The goal is to outlast everyone. Contestants’ knowledge of plant-based food, fishing, and bushcraft are all put to the test but contestant for contestant, every single one of them, say that the hardest thing about the challenge is having zero contact with...

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